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Casio Celviano AP-750 - Black

Casio Celviano AP-750 - Black

Crafted to resonate with the intricate and nuanced expressions unique to the rich tradition of grand pianos, our digital pianos boast exceptional musical prowess. Merging advanced capabilities that cater to the elevated and delicate art of grand piano performance with a contemporary approach to enjoying music, we have created a fusion that expands the joy of playing and unveils a world of new possibilities for you and your piano. Through an unprecedented musical journey, rediscover the allure of the piano and the magic of music itself. The AP-750, is equipped with a proprietary acoustics system and inherits the advanced sound source features from higher-end models, that allows you to fully savor the allure of the classical piano.


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- Unlock the captivating richness and expressive prowess inherent to the grand piano with our advanced sound technology.
- Indulge in a diverse range of piano tones that fully capture the charm of a classical piano.
- Immerse yourself in the lifelike sound and authentic presence of a grand piano, thanks to our unique sound system.
- A keyboard that achieves superior playability through the fusion of hammer action mechanics and digital control technology.
- Carefully designed three-pedal system that enables delicate pedal work, capturing the subtleties of a grand piano.
- Discover a multitude of innovative features that allow you to rediscover the enchantment of playing the piano.


Sound Source
- Crafted by the "AiR Grand Sound Source" inherited from Casio's flagship Grand Hybrid series, it delivers the world-renowned expressive power of three different grand pianos.
- Explore the expressive nuances and seamless changes in tone based on your playing velocity and the passage of time with our "Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology.
- Dive deep into the intricacies of a grand piano's resonance with our meticulously crafted "String Resonance System"
- Experience the authenticity of a grand piano with our "Mechanical Sound System," that simulates various mechanical sounds.
- Toggle between four levels of tonal variation that corresponds to the opening and closing of the grand piano lid with the "Lid Simulator"
- Prevent the degradation of the original waveform quality, achieving beautiful and expressive grand piano tones that are generated from a vast array of waveform variations with the "Lossless Audio Compression"

- Featuring three grand piano tones, including the cherished "Berlin Grand", developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, which is loved by musicians throughout the extensive history of piano performance.
- Experience the diversity of the classical piano with 10 meticulously crafted "Classical Piano Repertoire" tones, analyzed and adjusted to match the nuances and imagery of various classical piano genres.

- Immerse yourself in an unprecedented sense of realism, as if a grand piano is resonating right in front of you, thanks to Casio's unique 4-channel 8-speaker the "Grand Phonic Sound System."
- The ”Volume Sync Equalizer” allows for balanced sound across all frequencies even when playing the piano at a reduced volume, ideal for home practice during the evening or any quiet moments.
- Customize your piano experience to suit your style with the "Sound Mode" function, which adds various effects to the sound output from the acoustic system.
- Experience a natural and expansive sound when using headphones with the specially tuned "Headphone Mode."


- The ”Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition” combines the hammer action mechanism of a grand piano with digital control technology, offering expressive playability with varied touch sensations based on the playing style and range.
- The white keys are made with a hybrid material of spruce wood and resin, similar to those used in grand pianos, ensuring a natural feel and a luxurious finish.
- You have precise control not just during key presses but also by adjusting the key release speed, allowing you to delicately control the timing of dampening and nuances in resonance.

- Optimized pedal shape and spacing based on the design of grand pianos, featuring continuously variable damping and soft pedals for stable and delicate control.


Visual Information Bar
- Incorporating a ”Visual Information Bar” on the front panel, allows for visual confirmation of playing velocity, pedal operation, tempo, and beat through light indicators.

Instant RePlayer
- With continuous recording that covers up to 270 seconds previously, the "Instant RePlayer" allows you to revisit your performance anytime without worrying about actively recording.

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor
- Utilize the included "Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)" to wirelessly connect with your smart device, enabling audio playback through the instrument's sound system and MIDI data communication.

App "Casio Music Space"
- Explore a variety of features that expand the graphical editing of the instrument's functions and enhance your piano experience through the dedicated app "CASIO MUSIC SPACE"