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  • Yamaha PSR-SX600 Arranger Workstation

    RRP: $1,599.00SALE: $1,499.00

    Product summary

    Setting new standards in high-end Digital Workstation sound, design and user experience (more)

  • Product details


    A World of Sounds and Grooves

    The PSR-SX600 provides for high-quality music experiences with rich, realistic voices including a beautiful grand piano. With Styles, you can play music in a wide variety of music genres from around the world and using SmartChord lets you use these professional backings with just one finger. You can even use a microphone (sold separately) to sing along with your performance through the built-in speaker system.

    Performances Worth Sharing

    The PSR-SX600 gives you professional expressive functions to enhance your performance; use Multi-Pads to add loops and phrases to compliment the accompaniment, use cutoff to filter the sound in real time, or use the new Unison & Accent to morph Styles to your own performance. Then, why not use the free Rec’n’Share app to capture and share high quality sound and video of your performance with a single tap…


    Unison & Accent

    The powerful Unison & Accent function gives you expressive and nuanced control over Style playback, letting you create various musical variations in the accompaniment. With the Unison function turned on, you can play a melody and have it reproduced in unison (i.e., the same melody is played by multiple instruments) or tutti (i.e., all parts are played at the same time)—expressively enhancing your performance and letting you create dynamic phrases. With the Accent function turned on, accents are automatically generated by adding notes to Style playback according to your playing strength (or accents you play). This allows you to temporary change or interrupt the regular rhythm patterns.

    Style Section Reset

    When playing Styles, easily jump to the beginning of the bar by pressing the [RESET/TAP TEMPO] button. A valuable feature for accompanying singers or performing music with varying time signatures.

    High Quality Output

    The audio output of the PSR-SX600 has been completely overhauled with focus on delivering the highest quality sound from your keyboard. The new Digital Audio Converter (DAC) provides high quality defined sound across a wide frequency range, ensuring the PSR-SX600 always cuts through the mix.


    Rec'n'Share allows you to record audio and video along with songs from your music library and then share your performances with the world. It digitally enhances the way you practice, record and perform music.


    Authentic Voices

    The PSR-SX600 has a comprehensive and sonically stunning set of authentic Voices, and gives you the tools to play these Voices more naturally and with greater expressiveness. PSR-SX600 features a diverse range of contents, starting from 850 instrument sound and more. Super Articulation Voices enable you to create subtle, very realistic musical expressions, simply by how you play the keyboard or use the foot controller in real-time.


    Accompaniment and rhythmic backing patterns (called ”Styles”) covering a wide range of musical genres, including pop, jazz, and many more, lets you single-handedly recreate the sound of a full band or orchestra.

    DSP Effect

    DSP (Digital Signal Processor) features built into the PSR-SX600 provide high-quality effect types, such as real distortion and reverb. You can also apply the DSP effects independently to specified parts, such as guitar, allowing you to play the keyboard dynamically with a distorted guitar sound, or sound like you are playing in a concert hall.

    World Content

    The PSR-SX600 features a palette of regional contents for Brazil, China, and Africa. Enjoy supreme sound and musical experience with authentic Brazilian Strings, “Cavaquinho(S.Art)”, African local styles using Talking Drum “AfricanBigKit”, and Chinese style “KungFu”.Let your music take you to new places.


    Smart Chord

    Allows you to easily control the Style with just a single finger as long as you know the key of the music you are playing, even if you don’t know any chord fingering. Appropriate chords suited for the specified music genre will sound whenever you press a single note, as if you were playing the “right” chords. For details, refer to the Reference Manual on the website.

    Add some flavor to your performance (Multi Pads)

    The Multi Pads can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences and loops that allow you to add impact and variety to your keyboard performance.

    Audio Link Multi Pad

    Multi Pads not only work with MIDI data, but also allow you to create unique, new pad content with your own audio (WAV) data for playing back during your performance.

    Versatile real-time controllers

    The two LIVE CONTROL knobs can be assigned to various different functions, letting you intuitively control your performance in real-time. For example, you can use the knobs to control the brightness (cutoff frequency) of the sound being played or to correct the tone or timbre of the sound with EQ — letting you easily add variations to the sound without interrupting your performance. You have total control over the performance for maximum creativity!


    Playlist is the new convenient way to quickly setup the instrument. Organize Registration Memories into convenient Playlists for instant recall during performance. Playlist makes it easy to manage and call up your songs and the related settings, no matter how large your repertoire.

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