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  • Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Grade Seven (with CD)

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    NZCA’s Series 2 Grade Seven Modern Pianofort... (more)

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  • NZCA’s Series 2 Grade Seven Modern Pianoforte grade book contains a range of fun and exciting works by contemporary Australasian composers.

    This book includes a CD of all pieces, performed by renowned pianist Dr Robert Keane.


    Pop and Rock(Category 1)

    Afternoons in Autumn – Robert Keane

    Stand and Deliver – Glenn R. Hunter

    A Funky Gavotte

    – David Urquhart-Jones

    Blues(Category 2)

    Blues in G – David Urquhart-Jones

    Batik Blues – Robert Keane

    Midnight at ‘The Blues Club’

    – Glenn R. Hunter

    Boogie(Category 3)

    Faster Blaster – Kerin Bailey

    London Bridge Boogie

    – Glenn R. Hunter

    Ragtime(Category 4)

    Orang Utan Rag – Robert Keane

    Russian Circus Rag – Glenn R. Hunter

    Latin American(Category 5)

    Hot Chilli Cha-Cha – Robert Keane

    Blue Samba – Glen Carter-Varney

    Jazz and Popular Standards(Category 6)

    Hangin’ with Ken & Jo – Paul Van Ross

    West Coast Breezes – Glenn R. Hunter

    Jazz Waltz – David Urquhart-Jones

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