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  • On Stage Utility Tray For X-Style Keyboard Stands

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    Great for DJ Turntables, Midi Controllers, Drum Machines, Mixers and more! (more)

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  • Need more workspace around the studio or on stage Then the KSA7100 is for you! The KSA7100 mounts to any On-Stage X-Style keyboard stand, instantly turning it into a 28” x 14.5” table top.

    It is perfect for mixers, turntables, drum machines, computers, lighting controllers, monitors or anything else you need at working height. It even makes a great trap stand for percussion instruments. Adjustable bottom-mounted brackets accommodate the height/width settings of your keyboard stand. It’s never been easier to add a full-size utility tray to your setup.

    Fits all OSS X-Style Keyboard Stands

    Single X Models:

    KS7290 Pro Heavy Duty ERGO-LOK

    KS8190 Lok-Tight Classic

    KS8390 Lok-Tight w/quikSQUEEZE Trigger

    Double X Models:

    KS7291 Pro Heavy Duty ERGO-LOK

    KS8291 Lok-Tight Pro ERGO-LOK

    KS8391 Lok-Tight w/quikSQUEEZE Trigger

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